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Jean Turner, RPT
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Positive Product Review: Napier Pullups

   written by Jean Turner

It was when I opened the package that I realised that what I had bought was not the normal run-of-the mill product by Napiers. These training nappies were streaks ahead of their nearest competition. It was hard to restrain my excitement - the prospect of a happier potty-training regime lay ahead of us instead of the normal looming situation where a gorwing personality refuses to wear nappies any more.

The box contained 48 trainers, wrapped in 6's - ready to be quickly collected and pushed in any bulging day bag. Unlike the competition - they were not vacuum packed, so there would be no problem with opened packages swelling up and making bag closure impossible.

Impressed, I took one pack out of the box and opened it. The touch was soft, yet firm enough to not feel soggy and limp. Where the elastics pulled in at the legs, the nappies had been lined with a soft fleece - merely added by the method of flocking, but effective in creating softness none-the-less.

Showing them to my toddler, who by then was trying to pull the box off the table - he squealed with delight as he saw the pictures - of tractors, cars, trees and other fun stuff. Without further ado - he pulled down the old white, hard, scratchy training pants from the competitor as fast as he could, and gleaming up at me called out 'Takkers! Tars! Me want these nappies!'

So why should you buy them?
They are cheaper
They are softer
They don't scratch youc child's legs
The last, absorbing well
and most of all - your toddler will love them!

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