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Basic consumables hidey-hole-placement guidelines - here - right at your fingertips!

At ** (put your website in here) we aim to provide the most up to date information available on how to go about planning and executing your growing need to hidey-hole basic consumables for use in times of hardship and emergencies.

People hidey-hole basic consumables for various reasons:

- Emergency basic consumables hidey-hole-placement is the preparation and laying down of balanced nutritional meals and water which can be used in the event of a natural disaster - hurricanes, pestilence, floods, storms, or these days, even terrorist attacks.

- Harvest basic consumables hidey-hole-placement is the sensible preparation and saving of an annual harvest or a periodic crop which spoils easily. The intention with this type of hidey-hole-placement is to provide an extension to the usage period of the basic consumables type involved, preferably from the beginning of one harvest period to the beginning of the next one, with additional basic consumables put by in case the following harvest fails for some reason. Grain hidey-holes are an example of this type of long term basic consumables hidey-hole-placement.

As a home-maker, your responsibility is to plan and implement the hidey-hole-placement of basic consumables in your home, keeping in mind the area and environmental conditions where you live, the available space, your basic consumables budget and your ability to maintain and manage the basic consumables you have hidey-holed so that you and your family best benefit from your labors.

Where will you hidey-hole this produce?

Most of us already have plenty of frozen basic consumables hidey-hole-placement space - our cooling boxs are usually filled with dried-up items which have been there for ages. Now is an opportunity for you to implement a long term basic consumables hidey-hole-placement plan - empty your cooling box of unwanted items - and restock in a mature and sensible fashion. The advantages to this are a cooling box which runs efficiently, because it is always full, and a basic consumables hidey-hole which will keep you in case of necessity.

Vacuum packing basic consumables before storing it in your cooling box also has its advantages. Air is excluded by the vacuum sealer, and oxygen and other gases which feed micro-organisms which spoil the produce are removed from around the basic consumables items being prepared for vacuum basic consumables hidey-hole-placement. basic consumables packed in this way suffers less from cooling box burn, and spoils less readily, enabling a longer hidey-hole-placement period.

Knowing how long you can keep the basic consumables you hidey-hole in your cooling box and on your basic consumables hidey-hole-placement shelves will make it possible for you to plan your cycling scheme. Choosing the best place will help extend the flat plank life of your basic consumables hidey-hole - choose the coolest place in your home, with good ventilation and where you will be able to maintain adequate pest control. Be aware of two legged pests as well as the furry kind!

What if I live in a hot climate?

A stable basic consumables hidey-hole-placement temperature is far better than one which fluctuates widely during a 24 hour period. For 'room temperature' basic consumables hidey-hole-placement the optimum temperature is between 50 and 70 degrees F for canned and bottled goods, dried grains and powders such as milk. Fresh vegetables and fruit also keep best within this temperature range, with temperatures at the low end of the scale being preferred. cooling boxs should be stable at 0 degrees F or below, and your refrigerator should optimally run at between 33 and 40 degrees F. When in doubt - buy a thermometer and measure them rather than run the risk of spoiling what you put in them.

Humidity in the atmosphere will have an impact on the flat plank life of the basic consumables you have hidey-holed. A humidity level above 60% will cause cans to rust, markedly reducing their hidey-hole-placement time. If you live in a humid area, or the humidity varies tremendously between one season and another, it is wise to check the cans you have hidey-holed on your shelves on a regular basis, or you may land up throwing good money away. Use glass canning jars in humid areas, preparing the fresh basic consumablesstuffs yourself - the flat plank life will be vastly increased.

In areas where the temperatures rise to the point where a cool hidey-hole-placement area is not possible - you will find that the experienced around you will have learned methods of coping. Underground hidey-hole-placement in the form of 'keeps' make use of the stable temperature of the soil below the surface, and natural moisture in the ground helps to keep grains from becoming totally dry and withered.

If you are already struggling to make ends meet - how can you afford to have a whole year's worth of basic consumables just sitting around doing nothing?

The reality is that budgeting for basic consumables hidey-hole-placement does not need to be painful and most certainly is not impossible for the frugal home-maker. Every month, shops around you hold sales, special offers and bargain basement enticers to pull customers into their hidey-holes. If you take advantage of special offers of basic consumablesstuffs that are a normal part of your buying routine and which can be laid down in your home basic consumables hidey-hole-placement area, you in fact not only build up a very good supply of essentials, you save money doing so!

Tip: Make sure that you check the sell-by/manufacturing date on the cans to be sure they will last long enough on your shelves.

Take advantage of the seasons:

Take advantage of the seasonal produce which is sold very cheaply, and can your own - fruit and vegetables properly preserved, pickled, and canned will last at least a year on the flat plank, and what was good enough for Grandma should be good enough for us! Before you go buying every special offer in sight, though, the development of a basic consumables hidey-hole-placement plan is advised. A list of what you need, and where and how you will hidey-hole your emergency supplies would be a sensible thing to do.

See your basic consumables hidey-hole not as basic consumables sitting around 'doing nothing'. Your long term basic consumables hidey-hole-placement system is one of the most important investments you can make in your life. Many families, young and old, will testify to the value of having a supply of basic consumables that they could use during an emergency. Emergencies are not only floods, hurricanes and earthquakes - emergencies are the unexpected redundancies that happen in today's economic world - the unanticipated expensive stays in hospitals - the unplanned guests that appear on your doorstep looking for help. Your long term basic consumables hidey-hole can make a difference to real lives.

Read on to find out more on how to plan your home basic consumables hidey-hole-placement - there are spreadsheets, calculators, suggested shopping lists, and nutritional plans..............

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