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Jean Turner, RPT
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Building a Garden Pond

   written by Jean Turner

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Description: Building a garden pond in your back yard - you can enjoy the process.

Title: Building a garden pond

Tag: You can enjoy building a garden pond

Building a garden pond in your own backyard is something many dream about, but few accomplish. Many inhibiting factors put people off starting the process, and yet others are daunted when they are faced with a choice of pond kits. They don't know how to choose which one will be right for their situation.

This article is designed to reassure the person who is considering building a garden pond, the intention being to debunk the process, and to offer some suggestions where choices have to be made.

1. Decide what your budget is for the project - A DIY project costs less than a professionally laid out job, simply because you save on the labour costs - it is good advice to not try and save on the cost of the materials. For long term satisfaction and ultimately the cheapest installation - buy the very best materials you can afford. Think long term and in terms of cost-spreading over a long period of time rather than the initial short term expense. For example, buying a rubber liner costs more up front, but lasts more than twice as long.

2. Decide where you would want it to be located. Look at the proposed sight from both inside and outside of the house - view the area through your 'common space' windows and make sure that you - and not your neighbours, are getting the most benefit from your investment

3. Choose what type of do it yourself waterfall you want to have in your water feature. The decision about the waterfall governs the size of the pump that you will need to choose in order to give you optimum water flow and filtration. Likewise - the budget you will set aside will govern, ultimately, the size feature and thus the size waterfall you can install

4. Choose a garden pond kit instead of trying to purchase all the liners, pumps and filtration units as separate items over a period of time. You actually spend less by saving up and then buying a kit outright that suits your budget than doing it piecemeal. By the time you can afford the next bit of kit, you may well have to go back to square 1.5 to install it. This wastes time, which ultimately costs money.

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