More than just knifemaking materials...
Jean Turner, RPT


20 January 2013:
Flies are back on the menu!
After a few years break, I am tying flies again. Patterns to catch fish, not fishermen...

23 October 2011:
Knifescales Website is UPDATED! Streamlined, with mutimedia capability and a slightly different slant...
Enjoy the new website - and please report broken links using the contact button below. Thanks, Jean

6 April 2011:
Custom Orders for Sheaths and Leatherwork
- order book closed due to other work commitments...

22 July, 2010:
Pipe Making Blanks are now available in my Turning & Wood section...

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The mountains and sky around Colenso, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

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My first knife

In Knife Building Materials you will find: Steel,  Liners,  Bolsters,  Scales (in thicknesses: Scales 0-8mm,  Scales 9-10mm,  Scales 11mm plus and Penknife Scales) and Blocks ( Scandi Blocks,  General Blocks and Spacers & Firesteel Blocks.). 
To assist the rest of your building process, I offer Horn,  Antler & Bone, and Leather, handling materials and Knife Making Multi-Packs and Special Offers. If a beginner, you could try one of my Knife Kits alongside one of the excellent John Scruby Tutorials. Once made, store your work of art in Ready-Made Sheaths or make your own using a Knife Sheath Kit.

In Bushcrafting I offer hand turned Bowls, Plates, Cups, Whistles, and other useful turned items, my own design Belt and Possibles Pouches, and once you have provided Proof of Age, you will be able to purchase knives and carving tools from me in my Knives for Sale section.

JbT stickmaking kit

My Stick Making section offers a comprehensive source of stick making supplies: Ready Made Handles,   DIY Handle Pre-Forms,   Shanks,   Collars (Joint Covers),   Components - Spacers, Caps, Rodding, Ferrules, Splines and Plugs,   Stick Kits and Ready to Walk.

Live Steam  contains   5" Gauge Wagon & Locomotive Parts   and   Hiraoka Shay and other 3.5" Gauge Parts

In the Turning section you will find hand turned wood bowls (including salad), platters and plates as well as 1/12th scale and miniature items;   boxes, clocks and other pretty things;   usefuls & friends (treen);   hollow forms and artful items;   and for big girls and boys who still enjoy games - spinners, cribbage pegs and other toys. For those looking for a special writing instrument I have hand turned pens, for lacemakers there are bobbins and other lace making things and finally, in walking sticks there are turned handles, shanks and collars.

Wood contains tobacco pipe making blanks,   pen blanks in various formats, miniature and 1/12th scale turning blanks and bobbin blanks, for pyrographers and chip carvers - hand turned platters and dishes made of softer, carveable timbers and for cutlers (knife makers), I offer my top quality knife scales and other knife building materials.

The Pen Making section will satisfy your needs if you are looking for hand turned pens or pen blanks. My exclusive JbT Pre-Cut Pen Blanks© come in three sizes: standard, fat and slimline. I also stock horn rollers and antler pen blank sections. Full-length blanks are available as standard, fat or slimline.

In Minerals  you will find Mineral Specimens for Sale   and - purely for interest (these are NOT for sale) - pictures of my Wulfenite Collection

In Lace Making you will find my (JbT) heirloom quality lace bobbins: East Mids,  Rosaline,  Bucks,  Wire Work,  Gimp,  Honiton, Collectables and also Rainbow Bobbins© In accessories you will find my Porcupine Series© of pincushions,  pin-pots,  pillow bowls  thread tidies and other accessories.

Beadwork contains beaded necklaces and other items made by Heather.

Look in Art for original ACEO or other format watercolour, acrylic or oil paintings by Jean Turner. Current projects and gallery show what I do.