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Walking Stick Handle Types

A photo-tutorial of some walking stick handle shapes.
Most are not my photos - borrowed for education only

 Crutch Handle

Other than the commercially made moulded ergonomic handles, this is the most popular shape as it affords a good grip and is compact and light.

 Finger-grip Crutch Handle

A variation of the crutch shape.
Is this known by another name? If so - please let me know by using the contact button below.

 Derby Handle

The Derby has a tail which is useful for hanging your stick on your arm. These come in a variety of shapes, characterised by the upturned front and curved hand.

Crook Handle

Encompassing standard crooks, full shepherd's crooks, cleeks and market stick handles. Some are pointed, some are carved, others have an upturned nose.

Market Crook Handle

A market stick handle dating from around 1880. These are dress sticks. The tight curve allows the stick to be hung on the arm while attending market.

My Thumstick Handle

The thumbstick is slighty more open-handled, the wading stick has a closed/more cosy top to help with grip in the water.

Stag Handle

Depending on how these are harvested, antler is a totally renewable resource - they are shed year after year and collected to make these.

Knob Handle

Used worldwide for personal security, the knob stick has an indisputable pedigree and gives a jolly good whack when required. Very popular.

Cardigan Handle

Found in many different variations, varying in size and shape, plus in the thickness of the handle. The one shown is called a Drovers Cardigan.

Pistol Grip Handle

Three guesses as to where this came from! Some people like the fatter feel, but the handle is much shorter in terms of finger space.

Opera Handle

Could this be the forerunner of the crutch? Although similar, the Opera is much lighter in shape. Possibly intended as a more dressy stick.

Gengral Handle

This handle type is related to the pistol grip