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Jean Turner, RPT

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Nov 2008:
Porcupine Series©
Thread Tidies »

Fastens to your pillow and holds your thread safe and sound.

Mar 2008:
Leather Hold Downs »
Keep your bobbins and threads in place with JbT leather hold downs - undyed veg tan leather, line with suede.

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One day my Mom saw me turning a chess set for my son and asked if I had ever tried to make a lace bobbin. I said no, and asked her to describe one for me. The result was the right shape, but about 15mm thick. I still have it as a reminder of where I started. Each time I presented her with a freshly-turned bobbin, my Mom suggested corrections, consistently using the word 'thinner'... One day, after I had made about 200 bobbins, she gave a satisfied nod, and suggested that I might like to try and sell a few. Little did I know that my bobbins would compare most favourably with the competition, and I entered the lace making world able to offer an heirloom quality lace bobbin from the start. I've improved since then, and hope that I will continue to do so as long as I turn lace bobbins...

With the exception of the Rainbow bobbins,
all the items for sale in these pages have been made by me.


These come in the form of East Midlands,  Rosaline,  Bucks,  Wire Work,  Gimp,  Honiton,  Collectables and Rainbow Bobbins© I am proud of my finish, and have repeat customers who come to me because of it.

Porcupine Series©

For Pincushions that require no central pin to keep them on your pillow, Pin-Pots with threaded lids, Pillow Bowls for holding little things while you work and Thread Tidies.

Other Accessories:

This page contains all other accessories that I sell, for example needle cases,  spangles,  thimbles,  leather hold-downs,  lace rollers,   stumpwork pushers, etc

Bobbin Making

Bobbin Blanks for those who like to make their own or to sell.