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Jean Turner, RPT

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    Statement About The Woods We Use

    We obtain wood from sustainable sources. Internationally these are accredited to the FSC scheme, which ensures that mature trees are harvested sensibly and young trees are planted in their place to ensure long term sustainability. These schemes also help local people and are analogous to the Fair Trade scheme. Locally sourced timber is usually obtained from purposely managed forests. Some rare and commercially unobtainable species do occasionally come into our possession - this is always Estate Wood with a proven record.

    Out of interest - some of our wood comes from the stock of a piano-making company that went out of business in 1957! After that the wood was bought by another piano-maker who stopped trading in 1975. For the next 30 years it rested in a warehouse, and we obtained it when the warehouse owner retired. We now treasure this rare and unobtainable stock. If you ask us *really* nicely, we may consider selling you a small piece for an extortionate fee!