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    EU Cookie Law - Our Cookie Policy

    Personally, we love cookies (our favourite is double chocolate choc-chip) so our policy is to eat them whenever possible, preferably accompanied by a mug of steaming hot freshly ground coffee. However, we're easy to please, but our computer is much fussier and does not like to eat those bland and indigestible bits of text that are used to store information on your computer. So:

    Our cookie policy is therefore (a) not to use cookies unless we are forced to do so by external providers, (b) we don't store any type of personal information at all, under any circumstances, (c) we don't track where you go or what you do, and (d) we complain about inept EU cookie laws at every opportunity.

    The new EU Cookie Law is intended to help stop covert tracking of people's online activities (a laudable aim) but the law is so vaguely and badly written that it can in fact be taken to apply to just about anything and everything - including, for example, sites that use passwords for secure access (think payment sites, for example) and everybody who uses online shopping carts. If a merchant did not keep track of what you put into your shopping card, the contents would vanish every time you changed a web page, and you'd soon become a very unhappy shopper.

    Every single web site that can do business in Europe - which in practice means all web sites - therefore now has to force you, the user, to accept a cookie policy or ban you from the site. This is inevitably going to upset a lot of people and lead to a lot of noisy complaining, but in the meantime, we're all stuck with it. So, we've done our best to minimise the impact and inconvenience. We suggest that you too blame the Eurocrats in Brussels for creating yet another well-intentioned but totally impractical bit of legal nonsense that everybody is forced to comply with.

    Actually, we decided long ago to create a shopping cart that does not use cookies, even though this could cost us sales. We use something called a session variable to hold the cart, which is kept only for the duration of your visit to our site. This is why the contents of your cart are not maintained if you end your browser session - when you come back to the site your cart will be empty. We decided when we implemented the cart that your safety and privacy were far more important than a few lost sales so we chose to do things in that manner right from the start.

    Ironically however, we have to use a cookie to keep track of the fact that you have accepted our cookie policy, since this is the only way we can avoid having to ask for your permission every time you visit our site. Because our cookies are all well behaved they will expire after a finite time (think of it as a 'sell by' date on the chocolate 8-) so that's why you may keep getting asked for your permission every once in a while. Whilst we apologise in advance, don't blame us - the problem lies in Brussels.

    The only place where cookies are used by this website for anything at all is for basic analytic purposes - Google Analytics are used to keep track of the number of visitors to the site, and more pragmatically, to gather anonymous navigation information which helps us sort out the occasional problem with broken links, search engines that point to old or non-existent pages, and so forth. This is all anonymised - there is no 'personal' or 'user specific' information associated with the cookie. Google works with cookies, and so we have no choice about using them here.